The 10 Year Project

Building the Dream House, the members of the staff, the movement, interviews & videos, the people who have been touched by this medicine

We feel it’s important to include the history of the Awakening in the Dream Group. Our original name was the Dream House, which began in San Pancho, Nayarit, Mexico in 2005. Our original website is still online at

The Dream House was the first holistic Ibogaine healing center of its kind – a temple in its presentation to Ibogaine therapy, and a whole new approach built by people who had all taken Ibogaine themselves. The entirety of our staff had undergone this therapy, including Dr. Chavez (our staff MD), the staff cooks, and our transportation personnel. The staff of the Integration House (an additional & post-treatment facility) had also undergone Ibogaine therapy. It was a Dream House requirement – everyone who worked with clients needed to have the direct experience of our style of Ibogaine presentation. Though we did not deem it necessary to do the complete initiation, we did feel it was necessary for each member of the staff to understand and gain respect for the experience of those who visited the Dream House for treatment. In addition, each staff member became a wonderful support & resource for all of our visitors. As such, our clients could talk to anyone in the house and be able to hear ‘their’ story & ‘their’ experience, rather than just speaking with Asha or myself.      

I believe it also demonstrated that we ex-addicts could create something positive and completely different in our approach to detox and recovery based on our own personal struggles & experiences in detox and recovery. The general premise we shared as recovering/recovered addicts was this: no one was better than anyone else, and there was no necessity for a hierarchical structure (like in normal institutions). It was just people helping other people get better, as they themselves had been helped. Though, not everyone on our staff came from active chemical addiction. Both Asha & Dr. Chavez had other issues – otherwise defined as psycho-spiritual maladies (traumas or negative & unhelpful patterns of thinking, feeling, or behaving) that Ibogaine helped them break free of. Dr. Chavez had never taken a drug before in his life. Several of the other support staff members were local (to San Pancho, Nayarit, MX), and had also never suffered addiction issues, but nonetheless benefited from the experience. The experience gave them the ability understand the actuality of Ibogaine from the inside out and therefore truly empathize & perceive what our visitors were going through, were about to enter into, and about to come out of.

Because Ibogaine is so new- to date, probably only around 40-45,000 people globally have undergone Ibogaine treatment for addiction interruption (and probably an additional 25,000 for other reasons – spiritual exploration, trans-personal development, psycho-spiritual initiation, PTSD, depression, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive behaviors, sexual issues, or even fertility issues (many ‘infertile’ persons (both male & female) have gotten pregnant/impregnated within the first few months of post-treatment). Ibogaine treatment has also shown great benefits with viral conditions: about 1 in 10 people positive for Hepatitis C were cured – or trace negative – within 6 months of treatment. With herpes – especially genital – we found we were able to prevent pre-maturation outbreaks using small doses of the TA, or to entirely repress an outbreak before it had occurred. Some patients even went into remission entirely. Those with chronic physical pain often found their discomfort eased for months.

It’s a common belief (or perhaps truth) that addiction stunts the overall growth & maturity of the addict – leaving the addict behind at the emotional age when they originally began using. The ‘wounded child’ is never able to grow up or to learn to cope – but rather smothers the feelings, challenges, and responsibilities in drug use. Hence, they arrest their normal development. I know this was certainly true for me – a recovering addict myself.         

We are proud to share the history of the Dream House in our photo gallery. As we came along in our development as a team of Ibogaine practitioners, and as we learned from the Ibogaine itself and implemented new aspects in treatment and psycho-spiritual awareness – the integration house became an entity of it’s own. At one point, we grew to almost 90 people, all living in Mexico, and all of whom had taken Ibogaine (some from other facilities) -sharing a common movement in practice through our facility in San Pancho. Many people involved in the Ibogaine Movement surrounding the Dream House stayed for months or years. In fact, there are still people in San Pancho and Sayulita who are living new lives as a result of working with Iboga plant medicine – a few started families, a few have started businesses, but all have learned that life isn’t something that has to be endured, but rather enjoyed.

We want to keep the original site online because the information was clear and true, a good reference for people wanting to better understand Ibogaine, and an authentic and accurate guide to the process. The changes we are making now are to the original protocol – but all the standards of safety and care remain the same. Pre-screening, medical reports, and a basic evaluation to determine if we are a proper choice for any individual wanting to undergo Ibogaine/Iboga extracts also remain the same.

With time, our own personal & professional growth and understanding has continued to expand, as has our capacity to aid in other conditions (chemical dependency aside). Yet in truth, the initiation process is the same for all Ibogaine treatments – its the one common thread of healing that we wish to continue to provide. It’s from this place that we are building our practice now in San Miguel de Allende.       

When I originally decided to do this project I was willing to give it 10 years of my life. At first, it was like an experiment to see if a bunch of once broken addicts could create the conditions we had ourselves wished for while undergoing treatment. Yet it became so much more….it became a reflection of our own desire to deepen the experience beyond medical detox – the final outcome being new modality and approach to addiction & spiritual treatments utilizing this incredible plant as a catalyst for deep and significant change. Iboga moves people from one state of being to another, and to a pure understanding of oneself. This is not something that typically happens in conventional rehabilitation or treatment center. My own experience through treatment at 6 different centers (mostly 12 step based programs) taught me how to help people, but limited me in a true ability to stay off drugs. The Ibogaine cellular regeneration & addiction interruption is a golden opportunity or key to success for any individual who is truly ready to make a change.

I hope you enjoy the gallery. These are the people who came to receive treatment, whom all have given permissions to use their pictures but keep names anonymous. The full evolution is here in our photo journal – from first level of training I received, our fist ever Mexican Iboga plants (we grew them from seed, to maturity, to fruit, to harvest, to Ibogaine TA). This inspired others to start farms in the Nayarit and Jalisco states. There is also a time line of the staff who worked with us each year, as well as other photos of clients from the integration house.

This has been a dream for me, and my life’s work – a true blessing under the guidance of the spirit of Iboga.

I hope you enjoy.

Rocky Caravelli

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Staff Members

The staff members at the Awakening in the Dream House. San Pancho, Nayarit 2005-2015

The Movement

Ex-addicts create a rehabilitation & recovery style and movement.