Asha Caravelli Shares on Expectations

Asha Caravelli shares about expectations surrounding the use Ibogaine – and the difference between a ‘cure’ and a ‘resolution’. She discusses the 4 traditional documented (Bwiti, African) uses of Ibogaine: spiritual growth; the stabilization of community or family structure; the resolution of pathological problems; the learning of natural laws.

Additional Note from the Dream Group on Expectations

It cannot be stressed enough – this is a highly personal experience, and each individual’s journey will be uniquely suited to his or her specific needs. Not everyone will experience visions or witness memories of childhood (for those that do, it may or may not be in an emotionally detached way). This will not affect the success of your treatment. The medicine works on many levels simultaneously – many of which we are not consciously aware.
On the day following treatment many are left with the impression that it “didn’t work” or that they would “never recommend this to anyone.” We are continually reminding people to wait a few days before they pass judgment. For some this may be the beginning of a long, arduous process. Sometimes more than one treatment is necessary. It all depends on where you are on your path of unfolding. If you are dealing with a hard-core addiction process, the medicine may only be able to work on the physical part of your addiction. You may need to return for another treatment to work on the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your process.

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