Our Thoughts on Approaching Ibogaine Treatment

Please investigate Ibogaine treatment on the internet or speak directly with those who have undergone treatment. We will provide names and numbers upon request. Please seek a match in what you feel are important issues to you. Everyone must find where they feel comfortable, and that the provider of Ibogaine you choose will be able to give you what you need for a safe and effective experience combined with good nutrition and proper recovery. There are many models of Ibogaine treatment, so finding the clinic or provider you feel most comfortable with is of top importance. We by no means feel we can help everybody. Each person’s needs are different- and we do the best with those who feel we are a match. Personal beliefs, spiritual beliefs, health, where you’ve come from, and where you’d like to go are all aspects that are important to take into consideration. This is an intimate experience: it is vulnerable & raw, and you become extremely emotionally open. There are times where you may feel exposed. Where and whom you go through this process with, and how they support & care for you is essential in gaining the maximum benefit of this medicine.

Ibogaine and the Self

Please note that Ibogaine therapy for any ailment – whether it be a psycho-spiritual malady or a chemical/physical dependency – is a serious therapy. You may be challenged and at times and experience various levels of discomfort. We realize that this is a stage, and you will create this experience any way you wish. We have continuously found ourselves as witnesses to this truth. However it goes, it is part of the healing process. Ultimately, you are responsible for the final outcome of the treatment. We have made every effort to make the Ibogaine experience as safe and comfortable as possible. We want to make sure you get everything you need for your mental, physical and emotional well-being. Our purpose is not to take on the responsibility or control over your life. This is a place for you to follow through with your decision to change and to own your own experience & healing. Ibogaine is an opportunity to lay the groundwork for a better life and future. The term initiation fully applies at times with this therapy.

This treatment is an addiction interruption, and is the beginning to living life without wanting or needing to use something from the outside to be able to function in this world. Our main goal is to help you reach a space where you will be able to make clear decisions free from the influence of chemical substances, and recreating a life that may have never had a chance to exist. The more time you’re able to spend away from your home environment the more you can introduce new ways of living so that when you return you have a stable foundation. We recommend people go to an after care program. There are some designed for post Ibogaine experience information is available upon request.

The Focus of our Current Practice

We at the Awakening in The Dream Group are currently focused on addressing how to best utilize the nature of the Iboga plant medicine to assist people who are already on the road to recovery. Our contemporary spotlight lies in helping people do the core inner work that steers or drives any motivation to self-medicate, self-abandon, to numb, to escape, to withdraw.

We do provide other treatments, including detox (upon request or necessity), but consider ongoing treatment for psycho-spiritual maladies or behavioral issues our current area of truest calling.

Our Environment & Facility

Our facility in San Miguel de Allende is our own home. When you are here, we operate as a “family” of Ibogaine therapy providers committed to furnishing our clients with a comfortable place to experience Ibogaine for both emotional and physical detoxification. We offer a safe, clean, and calm setting, and will assist you in whatever you may need to follow through with your decision to change.

This is an environment supported with the efficacy of Ibogaine. This is also a completey free will clinic. Your ability to move past your present circumstance depends on your intentions. We have a great respect and understanding of the path you have chosen, and we do our best to provide empathy rather than sympathy.

We do not allow friends or family at the clinic during the treatment or on the day or two following Ibogaine therapy sessions. It is important that the person doing this work has the opportunity to look fully into oneself, without any outside elements. If a friend or family member decides to accompany you, they will be responsible for their own food and accommodations. 

The Awakening in the Dream House is not a traditional facility where the “client” is separate from the “staff.” Our intent is to dissolve the illusion of separation that is at the core of the addiction process.

Therapy Types

How the Ibogaine works to reset the brain and the body

Planning & Preparation

Guidelines for preparation & aftercare. Supplements, diet, cleansing & setting intentions.


An application is required. We have one here online, or you can download a printer-friendly PDF version