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Via Podcasts on ‘Through the Veil with Alex Nelson’ & ‘MYBOGA Conversations’, Rocky Caravelli of the Awakening in the Dream Group shares his thoughts on the groups history in Ibogaine Detox/Addiction Recovery and how it has informed their current practice & philosophy for integrative Ibogaine therapy, psycho-spiritual therapy, and continuing recovery.

PODCAST: Through the Veil with Alex Nelson
Episode #027 with Rocky Caravelli

MYEBOGA Conversations: Ep 6. The Rocky Caravelli Interview – A Bwiti Influenced Provider. June 2020

Our Story

When we started the Awakening in the Dream House in San Pancho, Nayarit in 2005, little was known (in the western world) about Ibogaine, other than the fact that it greatly – if not completely – eliminated the effects of withdrawal from opiates and other addictive substances, giving those prey to addiction a true opportunity for success in recovery. Our mission in creating the Dream House in 2005 was to design an integrative treatment center from the perspective of an addict who had experienced the whole of addiction – including the Ibogaine treatment and the continuing recovery themselves. More simply, we wanted to create the treatment center that we didn’t have when we ourselves went in for treatment. Our primary purpose in founding the Dream House was to aid and detox those who were chemically dependent on drugs through the use of Ibogaine.

However, we quickly began to notice that Ibogaine had greater reaching effects, as it not only abated our clients opiod addiction & withdrawal issues, but also acted on their alcohol, tobacco, and stimulant issues/addictions.

Though we were aware that each addiction affected/triggered different portions of the brain & neuro-chemical network, we witnessed the same ultimate result from Ibogaine therapy on all addiction related diseases: no cravings, no physical addiction, no residual damage to the way the mind operated as a result of the addiction, an overall clarity of thinking, a peace of mind, and no loss of energy.

We were interested in exploring how & why this was happening: exactly how was Ibogaine effecting in the human system in a way that allowed the individual an opportunity to heal the mind, body, and the spirit? In the period of time since our early years of administering Ibogaine for addiction therapy, science has hypothesized/proven that Ibogaine acts as a ‘breaker’ or ‘interrupter’ of the neuro-network, creating and allowing for an ‘erase’ and regeneration of the memory of addiction at a cellular level.

For an official word from a medical expert: Doctor C.M. Anderson of Harvard Medical school, “Ibogaine works through multiple neurotransmitter systems to create… (a) state of plasticity similar to states of plasticity existing during fetal development. This critical brain state may facilitate the consolidation of traumatic memories, reversal of abnormal hemispheric functions, and the dissolution of habitual motor patterns associated with addiction.” [1. Ibogaine Therapy in Chemical Dependency and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Hypothesis Involving the Fractal Nature of Fetal REM Sleep and Interhemispheric Reintegration. C.M. Anderson, PhD.

As a result of years in practice with the sacred plant medicine of Iboga, our interest has grown toward deeper and more subtle levels of healing via the use of Ibogaine therapy. Sexual addiction, workaholism, shopping, general & undefined fear, and/or any obsessive compulsive emotional or thought patterns.

We at the The Dream Group are currently deeply focused on how to best utilize the nature of Iboga plant medicine to assist people who are already on the road to recovery. Our contemporary spotlight lies in helping people do the core inner work that steers or drives the motivation to self-medicate, self-abandon, to numb, to escape, to withdraw.

We DO provide other treatments, including detox (upon request or necessity), but consider on-going treatment for psycho-spiritual maladies or behavioral issues our current area of truest calling.

Our Philosophy on Ibogaine and the Self

Ibogaine therapy is not a quick fix. It is a pathway to a deeper sense of self; an opportunity to establish a new way of being. We, at the Awakening in the Group, have all been on the front lines of addiction – either as addicts ourselves or as those caught in the crossfire. We have all longed to be closer to spirit- to be more at peace, to be more aware of our own purpose, to be more accepting & able to constructively build from the circumstances of our lives. Here, we have all gone through the Ibogaine treatment and understand the process, as well as what is needed to come through to the other side. We know – through both personal & professional experience – that Ibogaine & Iboga Extract provide an opening for a fresh start both neuro-physically, mentally, and spiritually. What appears is an is opportunity to create a division from what was before, to what is now. We have found that Ibogaine is effective for any condition where a compulsive or habitual behavior is present. Nonetheless, we firmly believe that the success of the therapy depends on each individuals willingness to take advantage of the opportunity that Ibogaine offers. Ibogaine will provide a window to overcome challenges that otherwise cannot be addressed, but the client must be willing to go through the window by embracing immediate action in working towards new behavior that will further create and integrate new ways of responding to life.

This treatment serves as a substance addiction & behavioral addiction interruption, and is the beginning of living a life without wanting or needing to use something outside of oneself to be able to function in the world. Our main goal is to help you reach a space where you will be able to make clear decisions free from the influence of chemical substances or a psycho-spiritual habit or “crutch”, so you may be able to create a life that may have never had a chance to exist.

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