Pre-Treatment Guidelines

  1. All medications that you are taking must be listed on the application so that you can taper off any medications that are contraindicated with Ibogaine. There are some cross contradictions with certain psychiatric and QT prolonging medications. Common medications like anti-depressants will need to be tapered down for several weeks prior, with no dosages for seven days prior to treatment. Clients can resume their normal prescribed medication 48 hours after treatment. 
  2. In the days leading up to your treatment it is a good idea to modify your diet. Whenever possible avoid fried, fatty, salty, or overly processed foods, esp. pork or refined sugars and carbohydrates. Instead eat lots of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fish, and chicken. For five to seven days before your treatment it is advisable to take a B-12 capsule, 3000 mg of Vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and calcium supplements daily, along with one aspirin. Avoid grapefruit and tonic water (it contains quinine.) These have an effect on QT prolongation, an abnormal heart beat, which has caused problems during Ibogaine treatments. 
  3. Hydrate the day before. Drink lots of juice or an electrolyte drink such as Gatorade. You will want to reduce your ingestion of liquids as we approach the treatment time (approx. 4 hours before) because it will be difficult to get up and use the bathroom during the initial phases of the session. 
  4. On the day of your treatment, eat lightly in the morning or not at all. Your stomach must be empty for the medicine to work properly. Before we begin we will eat a bit of papaya to aid in the absorption of the medicine. 
  5. Set a clear intention, and try to sit with it the day of the treatment. This shouldn’t be thought of as a road map or something to hang expectations on but as a way to get centered within yourself. 
  6. It’s a good idea to take a nice warm shower or bath before you begin. You will want to be clean in preparation for your journey.


In order to schedule and reserve your space, you will need to send a deposit in the form of a check or cashier’s check to our stateside office or via wire transfer into our HSBC Mexican account. 

Remaining balance can be paid upon arrival in cash or via bank transfer.  We do not accept credit cards or checks.

We will refund your money if you cancel more than seven days in advance.


We recommend flying to Leon Guanajuato (BJX) via American Airlines, as a simpler option to traveling via Mexico City. Upon arrival in BJX, you can book a shuttle directly to San Miguel via

You will need to book a hotel or hostel in San Miguel de Allende for two days prior to treatment, for the intake period, after which you will come to the Dream House to receive treatment. We can recommend options.


Post-Treatment Guidelines

  • Drink lots of water to help flush out the toxins that were cleaned out.
  • Plan for a shower or bath the day after your journey. This will help to wash away any residual physical and mental toxins that were cleared out the night before.
  • Whether you have been abusing substances or not there are several supplements you may consider taking to help regulate the chemistry of your “new” brain. The most important are omega-3 fatty acids which are usually taken in the form of fish or flax seed oils. Vitamin B6 aids in dopamine and serotonin synthesis. It can be found in many cereal grains (e.g. oatmeal) as well as in beans, bananas, peanuts, and chicken. Vitamin B12 helps to maintain healthy nerve cells. It is found in oysters, clams, liver, trout, salmon, eggs, and dairy foods. Also good are 5-HTP (a serotonin precursor), L-tyrosine & L-phenylalanine (dopamine precursors), D-phenylalanine & DL-phenylalanine (endorphins), and GABA.
  • There are certain foods that work against healthy brain function. Whenever possible avoid fried, fatty, salty, or overly processed foods and especially refined sugars and carbohydrates. Instead, eat lots of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fish, and chicken.
  • Body therapies are very beneficial in the days following your treatment. Massage, reiki, rolfing, acupuncture, and energy work will all help move stuck energies in the body and give even greater sense of freedom from past traumas or events.
  • Although not included, we can arrange these types of therapies during your stay. 
  • Ibogaine is a dream herb. If you don’t already keep a dream journal, you may consider starting one prior to and continuing after your session. Useful information regarding your continued growth is often revealed through the dream world.
  • We encourage you to document your experience. This will not only help you to make more concrete the changes that have taken place within your psyche, but it will lead to a greater understanding of the Ibogaine healing process. Be creative, and don’t forget to include what may be perceived as negative aspects of your treatment. We need to know as much as we can about the use of Ibogaine. If you choose to share an account of your experiences don’t include your name, and know that it will be held in the strictest confidence.
  • It is very important to return to an environment conducive to your healing. The first 12-24 days are especially critical. This is the time that your neural pathways are being reestablished. If you return to an unhealthy situation you risk recreating your old self and revisiting the old patterns you have just worked so hard to dismantle. Please allow yourself sufficient time to stabilize. Once your new self has become firmly established, you will find it possible to interact in a stable, healthful manner with elements of your past that may have previously led to psychological, emotional, or spiritual imbalances.
  • It is important to have a good support network. Having a therapist, spiritual counselor, or close friends that you can meet with in the weeks and months following your treatment are almost a prerequisite. You can contact us at any time by phone if you need to consult with us as your treatment unfolds.
  • Remember! Things will come up. That is the nature of this medicine. One of the ways it teaches is by showing you your unconscious, conditioned behaviors in amplified form so that you can become consciously aware of them. Don’t panic when something seemingly negative comes into your field of experience. Although it seems counter-intuitive, this is what we are after. You will have in each of these moments the opportunity to make a decision on how you wish to live your life. Will you choose to live out your old patterns or take the opportunity to create a new way of being? The choice is yours. In this state of heightened awareness in the months following your session you will be given the chance to choose the way you want to react to your environment without the fear based automatic responses that formerly were acted out in an unconscious manner.

Dream House Clients Rights

  • All clients have the right to receive preparation through supplements, diet, and cleansing before the initial Ibogaine session to insure their safety and ability to metabolize and recover from the experience.
  • All clients have the right to be comfortable and not to suffer from substance withdrawal in advance of treatment. We will provide a reasonable degree of withdrawal stabilization via medication.
  • All clients are insured an opportunity to prepare: to sleep and rest, to receive preparatory supplementation, and to be screened by a medic in advance of the therapy session.

Side effects like sleeplessness, achiness , restlessness, and general discomfort (all typical symptoms of detox) are not the responsibility of the Dream House – they are the clients responsibility to endure, and all only temporary conditions.

The Dream House staff will offer additional medications if need be – though it is extremely important not to combine Ibogaine with certain unsafe medications at the risk of the clients health, safety, and stability. The Dream House staff is knowledgeable as to what types & amounts of medication can be provided within a safety zone of interaction with the Ibogaine treatment. For example, we do provide sleep medication at times – however, if the sleep medication does not work (which is common after day 3) then it’s the clients responsibility to endure the discomfort. 

Any personal general restlessness and or discomfort within the body is an individual challenge. It’s the clients responsibility to get up and move, to walk, and to decide actions to support their treatment. We will offer suggestions to help guide, but do not provide entertainment, tourism, or distractions. Your actions and participation are your responsibility alone.

To be extremely clear: Ibogaine will only deal with symptoms of chemical or emotional withdrawal up to 90%. The remaining 10% is your responsibility. 10% feels like a lot at times because addiction masks pain and discomfort. You will not be left to suffer, but you will need to stand up, empower yourself, and embrace any residual discomfort on your own. We do not believe in the ineffective disservice of ‘babying’ clients.

A note on Suboxone treatment:
Suboxone treatment is a long and continuing treatment that requires many followup doses of Ibogaine. At some point during our initial series of sessions, we will need to stop and allow for the receptors to become available again. This may take 12 to 24 hours depending on the dose of Suboxone you came in for treatment for. During this 12-24 hour interlude, the client is responsible for enduring a period of discomfort. 

Safety & Health

Ibogaine treatment causes wear and tear on the body similar to surgery with anesthesia. The recovery rate is similar, and rebuilding strength and stability in recuperation is gradual. At times several days in bed are required before being comfortable. It is necessary to be sure your body will be strong enough to endure the treatment. Requested medical reports are to be completed in advance for a proper outline of health. Abnormal, irregular, or falsified tests pose serious threats to the outcome of Ibogaine treatment. EKG and Blood Work/liver Panel are mandatory prior to arrival in Mexico. A physical evaluation by our doctor is the determining factor; any question to the stability of your health may cause us to postpone or cancel the treatment. A compromised cardiovascular system, pulmonary thrombosis, high blood pressure, varicose or damaged veins, skin abscesses. or other blood clotting problems increase the risk of blood clots moving to your heart in an Ibogaine treatment. Documented side effects of bradycardia, (lowering of the blood pressure and pulse), must be monitored. Please be informed that these conditions directly affect your health and increase the risk of possible death or injury. People over the age of 50 require a stress test in cardio-vascular stability. 

Medical History

Prior to treatment you will need to fill out an application providing a detailed medical history and mental health assessment. We ask you to return the application form as soon as possible so that we will have sufficient time to pass on any important information to you to help you prepare for your treatment. For example, if you are taking an anti-depressant like Prozac, you will need to taper off it in the days preceding your treatment. We will give you detailed instructions on how to do this. Similarly, if you have any heart or liver conditions, we will need to accurately assess your situation in order help to prepare you for a safe treatment.  

Mental Health

It is important that we accurately know your mental health history. We do not exclude those with pre-existing psychological disorders; however, those with psychotic and schizophrenic disorders need to be evaluated, and we must be informed of any medications you are currently taking. 


After you arrive our MD will do a full physical evaluation, and one of our primary facilitators will complete the intake process. We will review your application and make sure you have followed the pre-treatment protocol. If we have any concerns regarding your physical or mental conditions at this time we will update your tests at the local hospital. Your health is our primary concern. 


We will not treat anyone with the following conditions:

  • Active infections including ulcers, pneumonia, or skin abscesses
  • History of blood clots or coagulation abnormalities
  • Cancer
  • Cerebellar dysfunction
  • Chronic fainting
  • Uncontrolled Diabetes
  • Emphysema
  • Epilepsy
  • Crohn’s Disease or Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Gastric Ulcer
  • Heart disease, heart murmurs, or heart arrhythmias
  • Obesity
  • Unmedicated high blood pressure
  • Kidney Disease
  • Liver disease including hepatitis with liver enzymes over four times normal
  • Pregnancy
  • Serious psychiatric disorders
  • Stroke