Psycho-Spiritual Maladies & Therapy

Iboga has a profound ability to guide people into a journey of self-reclamation.

While most clients undergo Ibogaine therapy as a way to recover from serious drug addiction, it also offers recovery from many other psychological issues including depression, anxiety, and trauma. The medicines deeply personal and illuminating nature allows patients to let go of different types of patterns unrelated to drug use. Therapy for psycho-spiritual maladies can life changing for those who suffer from chronic depression, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), childhood trauma, compulsive fear, bi-polar disorder, and OCD, as well as addictions issues classified as ‘atypical’ such as shopping, sex, food addiction, workaholism, and negative thinking. For people who suffer from any of these afflictions, Iboga offers a new light & alternative therapeutic approach that is backed by hundreds of years of traditional use, many thousands of successful anecdotal cases, and more and more scientific validation.

For a more complete reference or insight into our process of using Ibogaine therapy for psycho-spiritual maladies, please return to Reset Therapy.

The Focus of our Current Practice

We at the Awakening in The Dream Group are currently focused on addressing how to best utilize the nature of the Iboga plant medicine to assist people who are already on the road to recovery. Our contemporary spotlight lies in helping people do the core inner work that steers or drives any motivation to self-medicate, self-abandon, to numb, to escape, to withdraw.

We do provide other treatments, including detox (upon request or necessity), but consider ongoing treatment for psycho-spiritual maladies or behavioral issues our current area of truest calling.

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