Reset Therapy

Ibogaine is an incredibly effective treatment for recovery from substance abuse issues including alcohol, stimulants, cocaine crack & methamphetamine – all as addictive to the mind as they are to the body. When used as a treatment for addiction, Ibogaine therapy works effectively to create a craving-free neuro & physical recovery. To do this, the Ibogaine acts as a detoxificant and purifier to the body and the mind – first interrupting and then disconnecting the pathways of daily chemical dependency, and then removing the memory of the chemical dependency from the body on a cellular level.

However, it is also essential that the client is prepared & willing to take the necessary actions to foster and build the new life offered as a result of working with this sacred plant medicine. 

As administrators of the treatment, we have witnessed a ‘glow’ and relief settle over our clients, typically within 3-4 days of the initial day of treatment therapy. There is a customary ‘openness’, an ability to look at oneself objectively, an ability to see the addiction in a new light.

In many cases, a poly-addiction or dual diagnosis is present – for example: an opiate and cocaine addiction, a depression and alcohol issue, a mania and crack issue.  As each person’s dependency is unique, each person’s treatment must cater to their individual needs, as well as their physical health and mental stability. At Awakening in the Dream Group, we have worked extensively with all forms of dependency and have found comfortable, effective practices to address all matters and complexities of addiction recovery.  We believe Iboga’s medicine to be absolute – over time a complete regeneration of the mind, as well as a comprehensive recovery from the damage done to the physical body.  

Be aware that the psychological imprints of addiction may take many months to unravel. The Ibogaine, when administered properly, can effectively lift many of the common psychological blocks and pitfalls to the addiction recovery process – therefore lending itself to a new practice of living.  Iboga acts as a residual vehicle in the beginning phases of recovery that allow the self to become aware of self without the typical sense of self criticism and shame present in the consciousness of the addict. The criticism and shame, when left unconscious, act to pull the addict back into a redundant sense of ‘being uncomfortable in ones own skin’, therefore creating a need for relief/release and perpetuating the addiction cycle.

Concerns for Treatment/Preparing for Treatment

Substances – including alcohol, stimulants, crack cocaine or methamphetamines – are not compatible with the system at the same time as Ibogaine. As such, it is essential that the client has not used these substances for a minimum of 5 days in advance of Ibogaine treatment therapy.

We believe in bridging the first 72 hours of recovery and detoxification by the most comfortable possible means, and free from the potential dangers and duress of withdrawal. We do not want our clients to enter the therapy in a state of stress, panic, or fear commonly present upon removal of the addictive substance. 

As every client heals differently, we are accustomed to adjusting ourselves to their individual needs.  When appropriate, we administer either low doses of TA to begin the cleansing process, and/or Valium (to prevent potential seizures present in withdrawal from severe alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine detox).  We may also need to treat physical pain with the proper medication. We further aid the physical detox by allowing for time for rest, using nutrition supplementation, cleanses, and hydration therapy. All of our aids aim to build the body up to prepare for the Ibogaine treatment.

How Ibogaine Works (to resolve addiciton in the body)

Ibogaine treatment works to remove the embedded memory of the addiction on a cellular level, as well as breaking the neuro-pathways which have attuned themselves over time to the use/need of substances. This is a key component to healing. Many times people have stopped drug use, but find the desire to use almost constant and eventually return to use. With Integrative Ibogaine Therapy we are trying to break down and repair the places in the mind where neuro-pathways of persistent recurring thoughts have been constructed (the neuro-physical expression of the addiction). We aim the repave those pathways via the therapeutic & healing use of ibogaine, essentially creating a new nuero map which is addiction free.

The Treatment Itself: Addiction Interruption Therapy

To be the most effective, a therapeutic level of Ibogaine is necessary for a complete treatment. 

In the case of alcohol and stimulants, treatment is done in 2 or 3 sessions over the course of several days. We have found this to be the key to success in the treatment of alcohol and stimulants. This is a longer treatment. Because stimulants and Ibogaine effect the central nervous system of the body, they are highly sensitive to the medicine and require intermittent doses over time to acheive the nor-ibogaine foundation.

The doses of Ibogaine we use for opiate detox are higher and therefore require additional booster doses of Ibogaine after the main treatment night. The end result of our addiction treatment is that the body will have a therapeutic level of nor-Ibogaine somewhere between 16 and 24 mg/kg over a 2 week period. The treatment for opiate abuse begins with an initial threatment over a three day period.

What we are essentially aiming to achieve is an abundance of nor-Ibogaine (the metabolites precursor) which will stay in the system for several months. This is the post-treatment window of opportunity without cravings, without withdrawal, and the bodies natural ability to feel good without outside drug supplementation. This creates the freedom to choose a new path of life.

Ibogaine is also a natural antidepressant and an energizer that increases a general sense of well being after a few days. This is where the freedom from using, the thoughts of using, the physical need to use is resolved. 

Ibogaine for Theraputic Use    

We would like to add that the above is both true and effective in the healing of anything people are wanting to change or heal. The issue must hit at the core of the mind and body, and deeper again into the energetic imprints that we have created by habitual practice. This may include anything from relationship problems, to gambling, spending, sexual issues, isolation, media computer……any obsessive repetitive unhealthy behavior is at its core physically and mentally the same imprint as heroin or cocaine addiction. However, and though the manifestation of the addiction is at a different level (i.e it may not be life threatening), it still affects your capacity to have a improved of life.  Even low grade addictions slowly drain the positive life force, and create negative memories & patterns that dampen our growth and create seperation from ourselves and the community around us. 

Our culture has created a world of distractions and illusions, and many people have become conditioned and comfortable…satisfied….with this way of life. There are others who feel trapped, disillusioned, lost in their quest to live, and without a reason or purpose for being. These are also ideal candidates for treatment therapy as the theme is the same. If you or someone you love does not seem to know what to do to help themselves; if everything you or they have tried has been or become ineffective; if you are sick and unhappy but can’t seem to find a reason or a solution; it is possible that ibogaine therapy could be of assistance and relief to you. This therapy allows for the first stages of this unfolding to happen and begin to heal a long history of survival.

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