Our Philosophy on Ibogaine 

Our philosophy culminates from both personal and professional experience of Ibogaine as a pathway and treatment. 

Ibogaine is a serious therapy and integrative tool. 

We believe that Ibogaine therapy is not a quick fix, but rather an integrative tool. Ibogaine is a serious and often challenging therapy, and an opportunity to lay the groundwork for a better life and future. The more energy you are willing to give to your treatment, the more benefits you will receive from treatment.

We are working together. 

Everyone at the Dream House has gone through Ibogaine treatment themselves, which allows us to deeply understand the process and pathway to a deeper sense of self through the medicine. 

We at the Dream House have all longed to be closer to spirit, more at peace, more aware of our own purpose, more able to accept and build from the circumstances within our lives.  

Our journeys are not separate

We have all also experienced the ‘front lines’ of addiction, either as recovered addicts ourselves, or through the impact of addiction in our inner circle, family or close friends. These experiences inspired us to create the space to share the Ibogaine journey through our work. 

Because our intent is to dissolve the illusion of separation that is at the core of addiction, Awakening in the Dream House is not a traditional facility where we see our clients as different or separate than staff. 

“We’re all just walking each other home.” -Ram Dass

Ibogaine is a path to the here and now. 

Ibogaine treatment can serve as substance addiction interruption as well as behavioral addiction interruption. Our goal is to help you reach a space to make clear decisions and live a life free of the influence of substances as well as psycho-spiritual habits or ‘crutches’.

We see Ibogaine as an opportunity for a fresh start, neuro-physically, mentally, and spiritually, and an opportunity to shift from what was before, to what is now. 

Our Story

When we first launched in 2005, in San Pancho, Nayarit, there was not much known in the Western world about Ibogaine, and limited academic research on its application as a successful treatment for addiction.  However, partially because we had experienced recovery from addiction through its applications ourselves, we knew that Ibogaine had greater reaching effects than was yet known in scientific communities, and believed wholeheartedly in it’s efficacy. 

Our Founding 

When we created the first Dream House in San Pancho, our goal was to design the type of integrative treatment center we didn’t have ourselves when we experienced the profound impacts of Ibogaine. The primary purpose in our founding was to provide aid and detox for others looking to recover from chemical dependency, as well as expand existing knowledge around the use of Ibogaine. 

Learning More

Early on, we were aware that Ibogaine not only allowed for addiction recovery, it eliminated the effects of withdrawal from opiates and other substances, and increased overall mental and emotional clarity.

The results of treatment were holistic and long lasting, resulting in no remaining cravings or addiction, as well as releasing residual damage to the way the mind operates as a result of addiction. This included an overall increase in clarity of thinking, peace of mind, and energy levels following treatment. 

While clients often came in seeking treatment for opioid addiction, Ibogaine acted on other substance and behavioral issues, including cravings for alcohol, tobacco, or stimulants, despite each of these addictions being triggered by different neuro-chemical networks within the brain. 

Scientific Support

We became curious to understand how and why this happened. How exactly was Ibogaine impacting our clients in a way that healed the mind, body, and spirit simultaneously? 

Subsequent scientific studies of Ibogaine have now shown that Ibogaine acts as an ‘interrupter’ of existing neural pathways, which allows for clients to erase cellular memory of addiction, as well as regenerate healthy neural pathways.

“Ibogaine works through multiple neurotransmitter systems to create… a state of plasticity similar to states of plasticity existing during fetal development. This critical brain state may facilitate the consolidation of traumatic memories, reversal of abnormal hemispheric functions, and the dissolution of habitual motor patterns associated with addiction.” -Dr. C.M. Anderson, Harvard 

Our Present Offerings 

As our knowledge from years of practice with this sacred plant medicine began to merge with scientific evidence, we have expanded our uses of Ibogaine therapy.  We developed a deeper interest in understanding and using the treatment for other compulsions, including sexual addiction, workaholism, shopping addiction, and other obsessive compulsive patterns. 

We’ve also begun to incorporate Iboga plant medicine for more subtle levels of healing, including core inner work that eases behaviors often underlying addiction, such as self-abandonment, numbing, and escapism.

While we are still providing detox and addiction services, on-going treatment to facilitate psycho-spiritual expansion is our current area of truest calling.